December 12, 2019

Hartford, Connecticut’s UMOJA

Delve into the musical culture of Hartford, Connecticut’s UMOJA.  UMOJA is a seven piece ensemble which embraces the seven principals of Kwanzaa, the first of which is UMOJA, meaning “unity” in Swahili.  This group of eclectic and talented musicians assembled in 2007 and Enjoy CT Live has been following them since! The UMOJA Quintet Raynel […]

The UMOJA Music Series

The UMOJA Music Series is a seven-week concert series hosted by founders of the Hartford-based band, UMOJA.  Alto Saxophonist Yunie Mojica and Trombonist Raynel Frazier initially hosted the UMOJA Music Series with the single goal of bringing together the community with creative concerts that represent the seven principals of Kwanzaa. Umoja, or “unity” in Swahili […]