June 14, 2021

Walrus + Carpenter – Bridgeport, CT

There’s not many things in this world that go better with live music than delicious food. Walrus + Carpenter in Bridgeport’s historic Black Rock district checks both of those boxes. The restaurant features a rotating selection of musicians weekly, covering a massive variety of genres – from jazz, to funk, to bluegrass, and more.

While it may be known more for its food than its musical selections, it’s definitely a venue worth checking out. It, often, features a selection of gypsy jazz musicians that are sure to be enjoyable. Plus, what beats digging in to some smoked brisket and listening to music? There isn’t much.

Walrus + Carpenter is family owned and believes in staying connected to its local roots. That’s why most musicians that come through their doors are from the immediate local area. It’s a great way to experience hearing music that is created in our backyards and not nationally syndicated acts.

For more information about their musical schedule and offerings, please check out their website at https://www.walruscarpenterct.com/