June 14, 2021

Lake Street Dive

What happens when you combine part soul, part jazz, part country, and part motown? You get Lake Street Dive, a quartet that formed at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. They were founded with an original goal of playing “free country,” but ended up evolving into a band that “actually sounded good.” Recently, a keyboard player was added to round out the sound. The members of the band had all been playing instruments since early childhood and the band naturally gravitated towards a jazz sound, as they had all been formally trained in it.

With their singer Rachael Price’s commanding vocal range, they have exploded onto the national scene with mainstream success, including performances on late night shows and long national headlining tours. The band has three major album releases under their belt – Bad Self Portraits, Side Pony, and their most recent release – Free Yourself Up. Each album features an eclectic blending of genres and styles in a way that is both innovative and respectful of tradition.

Each of the band members attributes the music their parents played for them as kids as defining influences in their sound – from 60’s jazz, motown, soul, and rock. They are heavily influenced by swing era jazz and classic pop. Critics describe their music as “Sounds Like: Llewyn Davis’s favorite pop group; Motown meets the Brill Building in jazzy, soulful, woulda-been Sixties chart toppers.”

Lake Street Dive is on tour now through just before Thanksgiving. It’s a show you don’t want to miss, they are a band that feeds off the audience. Click here for more information.