February 18, 2019

PapJazz 2018 Festival

Haiti launches a new sound of Jazz and inspires many Jazz enthusiasts to flock to the annual Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival. This festival is also known as PapJazz and will be hosted January 20th, 2018.

It is said in Haiti that great things can happen. This festival takes the influences of Jazz and the heart of their people to bring to life music.

Each year the festival strives to bring new artists. This year featuring: Emilie-Claire Barlow, Kenny Garrett, Emmanuel Valcin, Norman Brown, Michael Brun and many more artists. The event lasts 7 days and promises a jazz experience like no other.

Since their first event in 2007, PapJazz has offered workshops for local aspiring young musicians to attend, free of charge. In Haiti, there are very few opportunities for education on Jazz. The organization is happy with creating a new generation of jazz musicians in Haiti.

The festival is said to honor the classic sound of Jazz, however revitalize the sound with new inspirational artists. Haiti’s Port-au-Prince International Jazz Festival works with tourist groups and people planning their trips. Many come from all over the world to fall in love with some new sounds.

For more information about PapJazz visit: https://papjazzhaiti.org/