December 13, 2019

5 Jazz Quartets to Listen To

Keep your jazz playlist cool while you stay warm this winter!  Enjoy CT Live’s list of 5 jazz quartets to listen to is a great way to find new musicians to keep your playlists fresh and inspired!

The Ray Gonzalez Latin Jazz Quartet


Ray Gonzalez Latin Jazz & Salsa Fest, Cumbachero

With over 36 years of jazz musicianship under his belt, Ray Gonzalez plays salsa and Latin jazz with a natural finesse.  This Puerto Rican native has experience in the performing arts as a professional musician, arranger, composer and conductor.

Michael Weiss Quartet

Michael Weiss Quartet Enjoy CT Live


Jazz pianist and composer Michael Weiss leads his quartet with over 30 years experience as a jazz musician.  Weiss has worked with great jazz musicians such as Johnny Griffin, Art Farmer, Frank Wess, Slide Hampton, Jimmy Heath and Lou Donaldson.

Jonathan Ball Quartet

Jonathan Ball Enjoy CT Live


Love cool modern jazz?  Check out the Jonathan Ball Quartet!  Born in Hartford, Connecticut, Jonathan Ball began dabbling in music when he was eight years old; his interest in music began with a clarinet.  Check out the Matthew Finck & Jonathan Ball Project, It’s Not That Far.

Matt Wilson Quartet

Matt Wilson Quartet Enjoy CT Live


Since 1996 The Matt Wilson Quartet has been performing live jazz all around the world!  The Matt Wilson Quartet also shares their extensive jazz musicianship with other jazz aficionados through innovative educational workshops.

2nd Line Jazz Quartet

2nd Line Jazz Quartet Enjoy CT Live


The 2nd Line Jazz Quartet takes their name from the place where jazz was born in 1890’s New Orleans, the “Second Line”.  This jazz quartet puts a refreshing improvised rhythm and melody in-between the beats of great American standards.  Check them out on Facebook here.

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