December 13, 2019

Alexander Dubovoy

Yale’s Alexander Dubovoy recently released his latest album, Portraits Drawn Without You.  Dubuvoy has been featured by The New York Times, NPR and the Boston Globe!



About Alexander Dubovoy


A young Alexander Dubovoy playing piano; via

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alexander Dubovoy was a regular student at the Stanford Jazz Workshop.  Learning music mostly by ear, he performed locally and expanded his experience.  Later, Dubovoy left California and moved to Connecticut to attend Yale University (CC ’16) and has thus performed with a number of musical groups.


The Vijay Iyer Trio performs at the 1st Annual Jazz Festival at Yale; via

During his time at Yale, Dubovoy lead a successful movement to start a jazz program at the school.  Currently Dubovoy is centered out of New York City as well as the San Francisco Bay Area.

Portraits Drawn Without You

Portraits Drawn Without You is Alexander Dubovoy's first

Portraits Drawn Without You is Alexander Dubovoy’s first solo album; via

Portraits Drawn Without You is Alexander Dubovoy’s first solo album, which features a set of original compositions dedicated to his grandmother following her passing in 2015.  Filled with deeply personal and heartfelt life experiences, these songs create a musical portrait.  The goal of the album was to leave the listener feeling as though they have taken a walk through the halls of a portrait gallery.

Listen to Portraits Drawn Without You on Dubovoy’s official website here