June 2, 2020

Nathan Davis’ Young God’s Music Group

Hartford, Connecticut’s Black-Eyed Sally’s hosted Nathan Davis’ Young God’s Music Group Monday, January 30th from 8-11 p.m.  All were welcome to attend this live music event; admission was free.

Black Eyed Sallys, Hartford, Connecticut

Black-Eyed Sallys, Hartford, Connecticut

This live performance features Nathan Davis on trombone, Karim Rome on tenor sax, Lomar Brown on alto-sax, Mike Carabello on keyboards, Matt Dqonszyk on bass and Joshua Colemon on percussion.


Nathan Davis’ Young God’s Music Group is performing during Jazz Monday at Black -yed Sally’s, the perfect place for the curious first timer to indulge their jazz interest.  Experience cool, original music during this jam session while you enjoy the delicious cooking of Hartford’s favorite BBQ joint!  The jazz jam session will begin after the first set and those under 21 are welcome.