February 16, 2019

Remembering Natalie Cole

The first time I heard Natalie Cole was during her 1991 hit “Unforgettable”, a duet with her father, the late Nat King Cole.  Seamlessly remastered, the vocals are, were and will always be coaxing and smooth, beautiful and moving.  Enjoy CT Live is taking the time to review the touching vocals and timeless standards as we commit to remembering Natalie Cole.

Natalie Cole 2007 Enjoy CT Live

Natalie Cole 2007 via wikipedia.org

Natalie Cole passed away on New Year’s Eve at age 65, and celebrities and fans alike are gathering to celebrate Natalie Cole’s legacy with passion.  Chaka Khan was one of the celebrities who sang in homage to the late great vocalist.  Keep the beauty of Natalie Cole’s voice alive by sharing it with someone you love!

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Unforgettable With Love Natalie Cole

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