May 29, 2020

Music at the Mansion Summer Series

The Wadsworth Mansion’s annual Music at the Mansion Summer Series is a summer concert series I look forward to.  Located in Middletown, Connecticut, the music series is created with family-fun in mind.  Sponsored by the Long Hill Estate Authority as well as the Friends of Long Hill, the annual Music at the Mansion Summer Series is free of charge!

About the Wadsworth Mansion

Wadsworth Mansion Summer Music Series

The Wadsworth Mansion dates back to the early 1900’s, and was originally a summer home for the Colonel Clarence S. Wadsworth.  A man ahead of his time, Colonel Wadsworth’s concern for the environment was worked into plans for the Long Hill summer home.  After the passing of Wadsworth, a portion of the land was willed to the state of Connecticut for use as a public park.

Throughout the years, ownership of the property passed from one to another until Middletown agreed to purchase the building and park.  With a goal to use the park and grounds as a mecca for community and entertainment, the community urged for the preservation of the grounds.  The Wadsworth Mansion and immediate grounds have experienced a complete historic rehabilitation to keep the memory alive.

About the Music at the Mansion Summer Series

Wadsworth Mansion Summer Concert Enjoy CT Live

Middletown, Connecticut’s Music at the Mansion Summer Series begins July 1st, and ends July 29th.  The following is the schedule for live music!

  • July 1: Avenue Groove
  • July 8: The United States Coast Guard Band
  • July 15: Goza
  • July 22: Jeff Pitchell with Texas Flood and the Jeffettes
  • July 29: Rain Date

All of the concerts will begin at 6:30p. The grounds will be open for picnicking at 5:30p. Parking will be at the Mansion, at the Wilbert Snow School, 299 Wadsworth Street, and at Mercy High School, 1740 Randolph Road. Concerts will be held in light rain, or the threat of showers, but cancelled with the proximity of electrical storms that may endanger both guests and musicians.