July 12, 2020

Monday Night Jazz in Bushnell Park

The Hartford Jazz Society is always keeping Connecticut alive with culture and sound.  This summer, the Hartford Jazz Society will present Monday Night Jazz in Bushnell Park on Monday, July 6th!  This is the perfect way to finish a relaxing Independence Day weekend, while celebrating Connecticut!  This free event welcomes families to enjoy live jazz in Connecticut as they enjoy a relaxing summer evening.

About Bushnell Park

Bushnell Park Hartford Connecticut

Bushnell Park, Hartford, Connecticut

Bushnell Park was named for Reverand Horace Bushnell, an avid writer with humble beginnings who later attended Yale University!  Being a nature enthusiast, Horace felt Hartford, Connecticut needed a place for visitors and locals alike to join as a community, thus Bushnell Park.  The Hartford Courant, The Hartford Times and the City Council backed Horace Bushnell’s vision of a restful area within the heart of the city, and Bushnell Park was endorsed.  Bushnell Park became the first public park built upon public funds.

About The Hartford Jazz Society

Keeping Jazz Alive The Hartford Jazz Society

The Hartford Jazz Society prides themselves on being the oldest consistently running jazz society in the country.  The Amistad Foundation has recently recognized The Hartford Jazz Society for it’s diligence and excellence for more than 50 years of “Keeping Jazz Alive”.

Bushnell Park Hartford Jazz Society

Support The Hartford Jazz Society by joining the community for live music in Hartford, Connecticut’s historic Bushnell Park!