January 24, 2019

Outdoor Summer Concert Essentials

Nothing beats an outdoor concert on a sunny afternoon or a mild summer night!  There’s something really festive about an outdoor concert, especially in Connecticut; it’s an atmosphere that invites a sense of community, relaxation, and fun.  Unlike a concert at an indoor venue, however, everything you need to be comfortable and enjoy yourself may not be ready and waiting for you.  Here are some of our best tips for preparing for an outdoor concert to make the most of your experience!

Outdoor concert tipsFirst, think of seating.  Bring along some chairs or, if you prefer, a blanket to spread on the ground.  Folding backpack chairs are a great option, being easy to carry while leaving your hands free.  A blanket may be ideal for families or if you plan to picnic while you enjoy the music.  Depending on the location of the event, you may even be able to set up your chairs to claim a good spot early in the day!  Consider finding a place in the shade if it will be a hot day.

While you may be able to purchase refreshments at an outdoor concert, you can also probably pack your own cooler of cold drinks and snacks.  Water is essential; bringing your own rather than purchasing marked up bottles over the course of a show can save you a few bucks.  Just be sure to check out the rules of whatever venue you’re visiting.  Glass is probably not allowed, and the use of alcohol may be restricted.  In addition to beverages, you may want to pack a picnic meal or some snacks.  If meeting a group of friends, arrange for each of you to bring something different to share.

Outdoor concert tips 3

At a music festival or summer fair, the show may last throughout the day and into the night.  Plan ahead to stay comfortable for both daytime and nighttime entertainment.  Wear sunscreen, sunglasses or a hat, and bring along a jacket to put on when the sun goes down and temperatures drop.

Make sure you have a good bag ready to hold all of your essentials, from extra layers to hand wipes.  Leave room for souvenirs!  A bag that can be worn in a cross body style is ideal, leaving your hands free to carry a chair or a cooler.

Finally, arm yourself with information about the venue and acts before you go to a new place.  Look online or ask around to learn what you can and can’t bring with you, if you can set up your own seating early, or if the venue is suitable for children or dogs.  Research the opening acts so you know if you want to see the entire show or if you’d rather just be there for the main event.

Outdoor concert tips 2

Being prepared for an outdoor concert can make the difference between a good time and a great time!  If you have a strategy for making the most of an outdoor concert, share it with us!