January 24, 2019

Eli Bennett’s Breakthrough

Eli Bennett‘s Breakthrough is the long-awaited release from the notable musician and film composer.  “With Breakthrough, I wanted to take the listener on an experience through exhilarating groove-based tunes combined with sophisticated but accessible jazz-influenced compositions”, says Bennett.  The album’s release has been much anticipated due to the artist’s phenomenal track record, which includes no less than 35 awards, two performances at the Grammy’s, and has recorded twice at Capitol Records.

Eli Bennett Breakthrough

Bennett has shared the stage with prominent jazz musicians such as Oscar Peterson, Hank Jones, Barry Harris, Terence Blanchard, and Dave Holland, as well as having toured all of North America.  Eli Bennett has performed consistently around Vancouver and Toronto since 2007, working to build an audience and share his love for composing and performing.

Eli Bennett Breakthrough

Bennett’s resume is unique and impressive:  he has been featured on an episode of Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, has performed at the Netherlands Consulate in Toronto for Queen Beatrix’s official birthday celebration, and has been on the bill for various jazz festivals.

Eli Bennett Enjoy CT Live

There is no better title for the premier release from this talented composer and saxophonist.  Tweet at us (@EnjoyCTLive) to tell us what you think of this album!