January 24, 2019

Top 5 Jazz Albums of 2014

The new year is fast approaching and Enjoy CT Live wants to celebrate with the top 5 jazz albums of 2014!  Join us as we count down (and get down) to 2014’s most memorable releases.  Did we miss one of your favorites?  Tweet it at us “@EnjoyCTLive”!

5. Django À La Creole: Live! (LeJazzetal), Django À La Creole

Django À La Creole

Clarinetist Evan Christopher’s band Django À La Creole is a hearty melting pot of New Orleans blues and rhythms of the monde Creole.  This live performance album will take you to New Orleans without ever packing a suitcase.

4.  Anthem for a New Day, Helen Sung

Helen Sung

Anthem for a New Day is a refreshing release from talented pianist Helen Sung.  Our favorite track?  Chick Corea’s “Armando’s Rhumba”.

3.  Play, Frank Kimbrough

Frank Kimbrough

We were hooked from the first track of jazz pianist Frank Kimbrough’s Play.  We expected nothing less from the founder-member of the Jazz Composer’s Collective.

2.  If You Knew Her, Zara McFarlane

Zara McFarlane Enjoy CT Live

Zara McFarlane’s If You Knew Her is the perfect soundtrack to anything:  driving, reading, or just relaxing.  This jazz vocalists’ smooth and smokey vocals are haunting and beautiful.

1.  Beautiful Life, Jimmy Greene

Jimmy Greene Beautiful Life Enjoy CT Live

Jimmy Greene’s Beautiful Life is a delicately woven yet heavy release dedicated to the recent passing of his beloved 6 year old daughter, who was a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  This album captures Greene’s anguish in a way that will break you before you are healed.