October 19, 2019

Nick Di Maria Quartet

The smooth jazz soul of Miles Davis comes alive in the form of Connecticut native Nick Di Maria. Performing since the age of ten, Di Maria has been playing the trumpet in many styles and genres including jazz, punk, reggae, and ska. Since graduating from Western Connecticut State University with degrees in Jazz Performance as well as Music Education, he has been performing up a storm!

Nick Di Maria Enjoy CT Live CT Music

Whether by himself, as part of a quartet, or as a member of ska bands such as For Serious and the well-known Flaming Tsunamis, Di Maria has been taking the stage and making albums with his smooth trumpet sounds. He assembled his first jazz quartet after a five-year, two-album run with the Flaming Tsunamis and graduating from college. The quartet played all around the state of Connecticut before undergoing personnel changes, and then continued to play original songs as well as classic jazz standards in Connecticut and New York City.

When not touring with the quartet or ska bands Di Maria has also kept himself busy composing some of his own works, which have been released in the form of two studio albums. Between You & Me, Di Maria’s 2011 release, is full of very groove-based and vamp-based sounds, as well as wonderful group improvisation sections. His second studio album, The Beatnik, was released in 2012 and is half straight-ahead jazz music, and half electro-acoustic jazz. This album was also vamp-based and even features some special guests.

Nick Di Maria Enjoy CT Live CT Music

Nick Di Maria is also the director of a great jazz series at The Outer Space in Hamden, Connecticut where he gets to work with many skilled and talented performers.