July 12, 2020

Bob Baldwin’s Connecticut Performance

The renowned Bob Baldwin‘s Connecticut performance will take place at the Waterbury Palace Theater Orchestra Lounge on Saturday, October 4th at 8 p.m.  Performing since 1983, Bob Baldwin has mastered various roles in the jazz community, from radio host, music presenter, pianist, and overall phenomenal contemporary jazz artist.

Bob Baldwin Enjoy CT Live

Bob Baldwin has performed alongside performers such as Grover Washington, Jr. Phil Perry, Will Downing, Chuck Loeb, Marion Meadows, Noel Pointer, and more!  Baldwin prefers to take an independent path during his creative experience while still affiliating with companies such as Atlantic Records, Sony Red, EMI and more.  This personal perseverance allows Baldwin to craft a sound which is completely unbridled.

Bob Baldwin Enjoy CT Live

Also blazing a path on the humanitarian front, Baldwin has participated in philanthropic projects such as Music for Dave to raise money for flaustist Dave Valentin, as well as 2010’s Jazz for Haiti!

Experience his latest release “Twenty” during his October performance at the Waterbury Palace Theater Orchestra Lounge!  Purchase your tickets here.