October 19, 2019

New Haven Jazz Fest 2014

Nothing stays the same and that is very true for the New Haven Jazz Festival. Established 32 years ago, the New Haven Jazz Festival has morphed into something that I think will really catch on with area residents and visitors alike.

Mike Dirubbo Enjoy CT Live

In the past the festival was held over a series of weekends with free concerts on the New Haven Green. The Green remains the main venue for the free concerts but what has really caught the attention of Mayor Toni Harp and her staff of Alders is the branching out of Jazz into local bars and restaurants in the Elm City. So now we have a 10 day celebration of music sandwiched in between Saturday free concerts on the Green.

Mike Dirubbo Enjoy CT Live

I was very fortunate to be able to get to the Green on August 16th. A refreshing opening to the evening’s music was the High School in the Community Jazz Band. Very exciting to see so many young people who get Jazz, love it enough to learn the roots and have the guts to get up in front of a lot of people and strut their stuff.

Nat Reeves Quintent Enjoy CT LiveAli Bello Enjoy CT Live

The more seasoned performers that evening included The Mike DiRubbo Quintet, Jazz Violinist Ali Bello and The Sweet Wire Band and closing out the evening was The Nat Reeves Quartet featuring Harold Mabern on piano.

Ali Bello Enjoy CT Live

What a great summer night of music, granted not the big names of Jazz that have visited the Green in the past but still a great night of music.

Nat Reeves Enjoy CT Live

The summer outdoor concert season is nearing its end but be assured there is plenty of live music throughout the year so get out and support our local musicians and ENJOY CT LIVE!!!