October 19, 2019

2014 Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz

2014 Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz:  Sax, Sax and More Sax!

The 23rd annual Greater Hartford Festival of Jazz opened July 18th and the weekend was ruled by the Sax. Opening night headliner was Grammy Award winner David Sanborn who set the stage for a great weekend of Jazz with a full spectrum of Jazz styles. Opening up for the Mr. Sanborn was Cuban born pianist & composer Manuel Valera.

David Snaborn Enjoy CT Live

David Sanborn

Smooth Jazz Saturday was another day of dynamic Sax headliners. Marion Meadows and Kim Waters ripped up the stage along with Brian Simpson on keyboards. Really people – this was Hartford not Montreal, not Newport and best of all the whole weekend was FREE. Supporting this group of Jazz All Stars earlier in the day was David Davis on the Sax with Ace Livingston on the bass and band, Orquesta Espada to add a little Latin flavor and The Urban Jazz Coalition who spiced up the late afternoon southern style.

Marion Meadows Enjoy CT Live

Marion Meadows

Straight up Jazz Sunday was just a perfect day for an outdoor concert. Flutist Sherry Winston opened the afternoon of music with her stylish takes from music greats like Stevie Wonder. Can’t keep Sherry on the stage- she just took over the lawn area and mingled with those of us there to take it all in. The afternoon was once again taken over by the Sax men. Javon Jackson and his band were up next and to cap off this great weekend – Azar Lawrence.

Kim Waters Enjoy CT Live

Kim Waters

The weather was great, the music outstanding and once again it’s all FREE.

Just another way to ENJOY CT LIVE!!!