May 29, 2020

The J.D. Allen Quartet

Tenor saxophonist and composer J.D. Allen has been identified as a commodity in the jazz community since his debut album in 1999.  A native of Detroit, MI, J.D. Allen has played with notables such as Betty Carter, Butch Morris, and George Cables.  Allen has been recognized for his original compositions and bold playing style.  The jazz musician found his inspiration through rebel saxophonist Albert Ayler, who released a series of wild jazz recordings in the 1960’s.

JD Allen Enjoy CT Live

J.D. Allen; photo Rebecca Meek

When asked, J.D. Allen describes himself as an angsty youth who found a voice through his instrument.  Through the years, Allen’s consideration of the technical aspects of jazz coupled nicely with his tangy playing style to create a complete sound all his own.  Listen to the J.D. Allen Quartet at Old Lyme’s The Side Door on January 24th, for an amazing performance that continue to resonate long after the last note.

JD Allen Enjoy CT Live

Listen to the J.D. Allen Quartet here.