January 24, 2019

Live Jazz Every Friday At Shish Lounge

Shish Lounge is West Hartford, Connecticut’s destination for authentic Middle Eastern cuisine!  If you have been looking for a new venue complete with delicious food, drinks, and jazz, Shish Lounge is ideal.  The Shish Lounge features life jazz every Friday night from 7:30 to 10:30 in the dining room, and has a full calender of events, which you can view on their website.
Shish Lounge Enjoy CT Live Shish Lounge Enjoy CT Live
With a menu of artisan crafted cocktails, you are indulging in original, quality beverages.  View Shish Lounge’s Top 5 Winter Cocktails here.

Shish Drinks Enjoy CT LiveMiddle Easter Cuisine Shish Lounge Enjoy CT Live

Shish Lounge is located at 904 Farmington Avenue in West Hartford, CT 06119
Open Tuesday – Saturday
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Facebook: /shishlounge
Instagram: @shishlounge
Twitter: @SHISH_lounge