January 24, 2019

Hartford Jazz Society

Hartford Jazz Soceity 3Founded in 1960 by a group of dedicated jazz fans, the Hartford Jazz Society is the oldest continuously operating jazz society in the country.  Run entirely by volunteers, the society aims to “improve Jazz as America’s gift to the music world, and to foster in each succeeding generation an appreciation and love for Jazz in all its many forms.”  In order to further these aims, the Jazz Society produces programs for students and general audiences, awards scholarships, and presents local and nationally known jazz musicians.  They host Monday Night Jazz at Black-Eyed Sally’s in Hartford, featuring a diverse and eclectic range of talented  musicians.

Hartford Jazz Soceity 4

Hartford Jazz Society

On their website, Hartford Jazz Society maintains a calendar of live jazz events in the greater Hartford area.  It’s a great place to stay informed of events and learn about new venues and musicians.

Hartford Jazz Soceity 2

To learn more about the Hartford Jazz Society or to become a member, visit their website or find them on Facebook!