January 24, 2019

In the Spotlight: Ricky Alfonso

“My music is swing, blues, modern and original jazz. I like to play tunes that have a groove and lend themselves to improvisation within the form of the composition.

I’ve been playing trumpet since I was 9 years old. My daddy was a musician so I come from a musical family and we all played instruments of some kind.

I’ve been in the Hartford CT area since the mid 80’s. I was born in Bridgeport.

Of course my music is very important to me and the trumpet has been responsible for many great circumstances in my life. Of course, being a jazz musician has its challenges and twists and turns, but the trumpet keeps me grounded, focused and busy. I’m also a full time music teacher so there’s a lot of scheduling challenges.

I’m always working on booking gigs for my group. We’re always working on new material so we need gigs to see how these tunes come out live and in the moment. Anyone out there got any gigs, let me know.

I work with a lot of other groups, small ensembles and some big band things occasionally. I also do recording projects with other musicians.

Recently my group was featured at the Windsor Art Center and the crowd was great. We had a chance to play a lot of new stuff that we’ve been rehearsing.

I dig all the great trumpet players past and present. Lately I’ve been listening to the great Terrance Blanchard and Scotty Barnhart from Los Angeles.  Man, these guys play great, check them out.

My horns are custom made by Dave Monette and fit me like a glove. They have a versatile sound palate and are crazy expressive. A joy to play.”

To learn more about Ricky and to hear some os his jazz, click here, or visit rickyalfonso.com