January 24, 2019

Long Wharf Theater Presents “Satchmo at the Waldorf”

On Oct, 3 “Satchmo at the Waldorf” opened at Long Wharf theater in New Haven.  Written by Terry Teachout, the play tells the story of Louis Armstrong’s last gig at the New York City hotel only a few months before his death.  Teachout aims to tell Armstrong’s story from the perspective of his life as the world, and its perceptions, changed around him. The play grew from Teachout’s book Pops:  A Life of Louis Armstrong.

Louis Armstrong’s profound impact on jazz has long been known, but he wasn’t without his critics who felt he pandered to audiences and made himself into an “Uncle Tom” type of figure.  While writing about Armstrong, Teachout discovered hours and hours of recorded memories Armstrong created before his death.  “Satchmo at the Waldorf” tells the story of Armstrongs recollections from past to present before he takes the stage.

Starring John Douglas Thompson, “Satchmo at the Waldorf” runs through Nov. 4.  To learn more about the play or to purchase tickets, visit Long Wharf Theater’s website.