January 22, 2019

An interview with Ed Tankus

What is Blue Plate Radio?

Blue Plate Radio is a commercial radio station broadcasting on the Internet 24/7 at https://www.blueplateradio.com.  We’re better than the other Internet stations because we engage and involve our listeners through social media, enhanced and shared calendar listings, live interviews every Monday night, ticket and CD giveaways, and jazz concert and event booking, organizing, and promoting.

How did you become involved with BPR?

I created the station. Read the whole story here.

What has BPR done for you?

When I graduated high school, I wanted to be a DJ and eventually own my own radio station.  That was in 1973.  Ironically, I have realized both of those dreams without ever expecting them to become a reality and certainly to no plan or plans to achieve them.  It has given me the opportunity to meet and even become friends of, many of the performers of which I am a fan.  I have incredible access to many others who are literally a phone call away.  I have also stepped far beyond my original dreams:

  • I announce the opening band on the Hartford Jazz Festival main stage on Saturday’s
  • I was the emcee at the Smooth Jazz Series at Lyman Center for two years where I first announced Blue Plate Radio
  • I created and ran the Branford Jazz Series that still brings thousands to that town’s green and continues to stimulate the town’s economy as originally foreseen.
  • I ran the Blue Plate Radio Jazz Series at Cafe Nine and now produce the La Boca Jazz Series
  • I emcee shows in NYC from small clubs to the Blue Note in Greenwich Village
  • I book jazz performers and I’m asked by towns and organizations to re-create the success of the Branford Jazz Series for them
  • I’m doing what I love and I’m interacting with some of the most talented people on the planet.  I’m continuously inspired and awed.

Significant events Along the Way:

  • Interviewed Bradley Leighton – 2005
  • Met Joyce Cooling – 2007
  • First Test Blue Plate Radio Broadcast – January 2008
  • Introduced Blue Plate Radio/Website Goes Live – March 2008
  • Proposal Approved for the First Annual Branford Jazz on the Green Series – November 2008
  • First Branford Jazz on the Green Series show – July 9, 2009
  • First time introduced opening band at the Hartford Jazz Festival – July 2009
  • First Recorded Interview for Blue Plate Radio – Chieli Minucci of Special EFX, Au2009
  • First MAJOR jazz artist to agree to perform at Branford Jazz Series – Chieli Minucci & Special EFX – October 2009 (Verbal) and February 2010 (Contract)
  • Met Vincent Ingala – May 1, 2010. First radio station on the planet to play a track from his CD, “North End Soul.”  Played “Vintage Vibe”
  • Second Annual Branford Jazz Series 2010 – Nine shows in nine weeks with no rain-outs
  • Hosted at Toad’s Place for Kim Waters – July 2010
  • Branford Jazz 2010 After-party with 25th Anniversary of Special EFX – Vincent Ingala entertained and Chieli Minucci spontaneously joined him for an improvisational blues in G
  • Hosted at Daniel Street in Milford for Chieli Minucci – October 2010
  • Hosted at Houndstooth Pub, NYC. First NYC hosting gig – October 2010
  • Secured Marion Meadows to play Branford Jazz Series – February 2010
  • Secured first international band to perform at Branford Jazz Series – Four80 East – March 2011
  • Third Annual Branford Jazz Series begins with Vincent Ingala and his band and the largest crowd to-date – June 30, 2011
  • Finalized Blue Plate Radio Jazz Series at Cafe Nine – November 2011
  • Hosted at SOBs in Greenwich Village for Drew Davidsen – December 2011
  • Left the Branford Jazz Series January 1, 2012
  • First performer to play live on Blue Plate Radio – Jeff Lorber, January 2012 via phone
  • Blue Plate Radio Jazz Series at Cafe Nine Begins – January 26, 2012 and runs monthly thru May 24, 2012
  • Taste of New Haven Blue Plate Special cultural, culinary, and jazz tour and show – Finalized May 2012
  • La Boca Jazz Series Begins – July 5, 2012


Did you know you don’t actually need a radio to listen to the radio?  With today’s technology, internet-based radio combined with smart phone apps let you take your favorite radio stations with you practically anywhere.  For jazz fans, Blue Plate Radio should certainly be at the top of your playlist!

From the Blue Plate Radio site, you are one click away from listening to a variety of jazz artists from every jazz sub-genre from classic to Fusion.