May 29, 2020

Vincent Ingala at Café Nine

Café Nine, 250 State St., New Haven, CT 203-789-8281

I have been to many jazz performances over the years, from east coast to west, from New Orleans to Chicago.  Some of my fondest memories have been performances I’ve experienced in small venues where you are right up close and personal with the musicians.  Well, I can now add Thursday April 26th to that list of memories.  I just loved Café Nine.  It’s a small, intimate club with brick covered walls and surprisingly good acoustics.  For me, this is really a great find.  Just the kind of place to sit, relax, listen to some great Jazz ,and just chill; although, chilling was not really on the menu that night.










What was being served up was a smoking hot sax performance by Vincent Ingala.  This was the third opportunity for me to see Vincent in action.  I was really pleased with how much he has progressed over the past few years. Vincent is just 19 years old, but let me tell you, don’t be fooled by his young age.  This young guy is way beyond his years when he starts blowing that sax. It’s a pretty amazing experience to see such a young musician who is so comfortable on stage, interacting with the audience. Keep an eye on Vincent Ingala; from what I’ve seen and heard so far, Vincent has a great future ahead of him.

Ed Tankus of Blue Plate Radio



I’d like to offer a big thank you to Ed Tankus of Blue Plate Radio for bringing wonderful Jazz musicians like Vincent to the area again.  It seems like wherever there’s Jazz in CT, there’s Ed.  We love Jazz and  we love it live – keep it up because it’s Um-mm-good!