January 22, 2019

Cafe Nine: The Musicians Living Room

In 1972, jazz, blues, and soul enthusiast Michael Riechbart opened Bluebartz Bar at 250 State Street in New Haven.  From the beginning, the bar featured music every weekend.  The performers were primarily Riechbart’s friends, who were life-long musicians.  In 1991, Riechbart and his wife revamped the bar and changed the name to Cafe Nine.  They started showcasing music 7 nights a week as well as on Saturday afternoons.  Cafe Nine became known as “the musicians’ living room,” an apt and well-deserved description.

Photo from Grey Listed

In 2003, Cafe Nine‘s current owner, Paul Mayer, bought the club and continued to make great music the bar’s main attraction.  He focused on expanding Cafe Nine’s booking to include all styles of music from local, regional, and national touring acts.

Jazz enthusiasts will want to keep up with Cafe Nine’s online music schedule or check them out on Facebook.  They host local and touring jazz artists each week.  Additionally, they host the longest continuously running Jazz Jam in Connecticut, and possibly in all of New England, every Saturday afternoon from 4:30 to 7:30 and on the 4th Thursday of the month throughout spring and fall with the Blue Plate Radio Jazz Series.  There’s no cover for the Jazz Jam, so no excuse to miss it!

Cafe Nine’s business is music.  They aren’t a restaurant that features entertainment and are not a bar that has bands on weekends.  They are committed to showcasing great artists 7 days a week, sometimes with two shows a day.  With this kind of dedication and pure love of music, you know an evening spent at Cafe Nine will be truly memorable.