October 14, 2019

Noah Kaplan, Artist Profile

Noah Kaplan (by Peter Gannus)

Artist Name:

Noah Kaplan

Genre of Music Performed:

Jazz and Classical, some rock and Jewish music

Performing Since:

High School

Based Out Of:

Brooklyn, NY


Noah Kaplan Quartet with Joe Morris, Giacomo Merega and Jason Nazary.

Dollshot, a band that plays twisted arrangements of 20th century art songs as well as originals, co-lead by wife Rosalie.

Underwolf Records co-founded record label



Awarded the “CHOC” in Jazz Man Magazine, Paris (their highest recommendation)

Featured in Derek Taylor’s Best of 2011, Dusted Magazine

“Noah Kaplan Quartet ‘Descendants’ is a tour de force of naked, off the hook, formidable free jazz.  Those who are in tune with this music, and understand the talent, imaginative horse power and commitment required to play it, will never get enough of this CD.”
– C.J. Bond, Jazz Music




Named one of the Top 10 albums of 2011 by esteemed critic/author Francis Davis (rhapsody.com)

“What lurks in the layers riled into service of harsh and uncertain gaiety that cracks the fence is the delivery system of Dollshot beyond the billowing mortality of duty and pain.  The Siamese rivalry of piano and bass; the craft of the former a Ulysses of keys, the strings of the latter the buoyant sea, both locked to the siren’s song and the dragon’s reed.”    – Hampton Fancher (excerpt from ‘Dollshot’ liner notes)



Noah Kaplan is an American composer and saxophonist. His playing has been described as “venturesome” (New York Times), as well as “formidable” (All About Jazz) and “Meditative and elegiac . . . it communicates a wild tenderness” (The New York City Jazz Record). Born in 1984, Noah grew up in Topanga Canyon, CA and played professionally throughout Los Angeles. In 2002, he moved to Boston to attend the New England Conservatory where he studied with Joe Maneri and Jerry Bergonzi.  With Maneri, he studied improvisation, as well as harmony, counterpoint, fugue and composition using Arnold Schoenberg’s texts. In 2005, Noah received the Jonathan Keith Foundation Scholarship for his work with microtones. That same year, he was a member of the NEC Honors Jazz Quartet Miwokido Kid, in which he developed a unique style that blended microtonality with modern jazz. In 2007, after graduating NEC with Honors, Noah created and directed PLAY!, a series of improvised music concerts presented by the Boston Microtonal Society. The following year, The Light And Other Things, a collaboration with slide guitar icon David Tronzo and bassist Giacomo Merega was released on Creative Nation Music.  In January 2011, Dollshot’s self-titled debut album was released on Underwolf Records. In fall of 2011, The Noah Kaplan Quartet’s debut recording, Descendants, featuring guitarist Joe Morris, was released on HatHut Records to critical acclaim. In early 2012, he will appear on Ad Faunum which will be released by NotTwo Records

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