May 29, 2020

Darius Jones in the Spotlight

Darius Jones is a saxophonist and composer who lived and studied in Virgina and now lives in New York.  His two albums,  Book of Mæ’bul (Another Kind of Sunrise) by the Darius Jones Quartet and Big Gurl (Smell My Dream) garnered praise from critics and fans alike.  Darius draws on a diverse musical background to produce his unique and soulful approach to music.

DARIUS JONES Quartet ..Book of Mæ'bul (Another Kind of Sunrise)

DARIUS JONES Trio ..Big Gurl (Smell My Dream)











Darius Jones by Peter Gannushkin

What genre of music do you perform?
Cosmic Avant Garde Soul

When did you start performing?
At the age of 13

What city and state are you based out of?
New York, New York

What about playing music makes you happy?
Connecting deeply with my band members and the audience.

What are your hopes for your future in live music?
To be able to bring my music to the whole world.

What other acts/musicians do you regularly play with?
Matthew Shipp, Little Women, Grass Roots,  and Gerald Cleaver’s Black Host.

What has been your favorite performance so far?
There having been too many amazing performing moments to narrow it down to one, or even ten.

Who are some of your favorite musicians?
Zomby, Henry Threadgill, Madlib, Joan Wasser, Earl Bostic, Kim Burrell, Masabumi Kikuchi, Dexter Gordon, Betty Carter, Parliament Funkadelic, Al Green, Son House, John Sebastian Bach, etc.

What is your favorite instrument to play? Why?
The voice, because it is unique to each of us, like a heart beat.