December 16, 2018

Let The Revolution Begin!!!

Let the Revolution Begin!!! The Second Annual Music Revolution Festival was held in Hartford on Saturday August 24th. This back yard festival, really in the back yard of the Polish National Home, was void of any glitz and glamor – just talent. Presented by Truth Revolution Records, this has all the feeling of the start […]

The Hartford Jazz Soceity, Inc.

  Founded in 1960 by a group of dedicated jazz fans, the Hartford Jazz Society is the oldest continuously operating jazz society in the country.  Run entirely by volunteers, the society aims to “improve Jazz as America’s gift to the music world, and to foster in each succeeding generation an appreciation and love for Jazz […]

Online Fundraiser Launched for Litchfield Jazz Camp

Litchfield Jazz Festival has just launched an fundraising campaign for its Litchfield Jazz Camp in Kent, CT.  The goal is to raise $10,000 to help send 10 youngsters in need, for one week each, to the 16-year-old summer camp.  Litchfield Jazz Camp runs for 5 weeks from July 8 to August 10 and culminates […]

Litchfield Jazz Festival Announces 17th Anniversary Line-up and Move Back to Goshen

                                  Litchfield Jazz Festival is marking its 17th season August 10-12.  By popular demand and the fervent request or our fans, the Festival moves back to its long-time home at the Goshen Fairgrounds in Goshen, CT.  The Festival will offer […]