December 17, 2018

In the Spotlight: Isaac Young

What genre of music do you perform?Isaac Young Live jazz

I am often asked to categorize my music into a broad genre. My music is often grouped under the “jazz” medium but I try to bring in influences from funk, soul, rock, psychedelia, and jam. IYQ’s music is based heavily on improvisation and is stemmed in the tradition of jazz, but we are always pushing the limit to what is currently considered “jazz.”  

When did you start performing?
I started learning music in 1992 and had my first professional gig in 2001 at Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, MA.
What city and state are you based out of?  
I am based out of New Britain, CT
What about playing music makes you happy?Isaac Young EnjoyCT Live
There is a wonderful energy shared by the both the musicians and audience. That deep sense of connection without any words spoken is truly magical. When you look out and see a crowd engaged and on that “same level” is an absolute moment of bliss.
What are your hopes for your future in live music?
I want to continue to gig and tour regularly and have as many people hear our music as possible. We are planning to be on the road with far more frequency in 2013 upon completion of our record.
What other acts/musicians do you regularly play with?
We play with a large community of musicians. We have played gigs with String Theorie, Little Ugly, Puremotion, Seed, and others.
Are you currently working on any projects?  If so, what are they?
We are going back into the studio next weekend to record a new album for Isaac Young Quartet. 
What has been your favorite performance so far?
That’s a tough question…in recent gigs, playing a sold-out crowd at The Bitter End in NYC with my rock group Puremotion was incredible. Also, playing both Wormtown and Vision Grit music festivals.
Who are some of your favorite musicians?Isaac Young
Miles Davis, Chris Potter, Herbie Hancock, Dexter Gordon, Phish, MMW, Soulive, Lettuce, Greyboy Allstars
What is your favorite instrument to play? Why?  
 I always compose on piano — I find it very difficult to orchestrate music with a monophonic instrument like the saxophone. As far as soloing though, I lean more towards the saxophone. It really hinges on my mood and what I want to express at that current musical moment.