December 17, 2018

Incognito with Maysa at the Lyman Center March 30th, 2012

“Well worth the wait!”

Incognito with Maysa at the Lyman Center in CT

For those of us who had tickets for the Lyman Center last spring for an evening with  Incognito & Maysa, only to be disappointed when the concert was cancelled due to a travel issue with band members, the wait was really worth it! Finally on March 30th 2012, Incognito arrived at the Lyman Center.

Bluey Maunick founder of Incognito

Maysa with Incognito at the Lyman Center













The stage was filled from one side to the other with a group of musicians and singers who hailed from all over the world. Bluey Maunick, Incognito’s founder, was very much engaged with the audience from the minute he stepped on stage. It actually seemed as though he was as excited to be in Connecticut as we were to have him here. Incognito as a band is unique. Bluey has had over 1000 musicians participate in his jazz funk experience. His search for young talented people was quite evident on stage.










Solid 3 man horn section, 2 percussionists who were just smoking hot, 3 back up singers and an equally accomplished bassist and keyboardist. Rounding out this group of talent was Maysa, Incognito’s lead vocalist, who first connected with Bluey early in Incognito’s history.

Incognito back-up singers at the Lyman Center

As good as this band is, what really impressed me was the posture of Bluey Maunick. Set way back on a platform behind all the musicians, he seemed to just really enjoy each and every performance of each band member almost as much as those of us seated in the audience. What I really took home from this performance was the realization that this man has really focused his energy on creating music that can’t help but get you out of your chair to dance and, at the same time, provide a platform for young musicians to perform and grow. Thank you Bluey, Maysa and Incognito – can’t wait to see you again!

Bluey Maunick thanking the audience at the Lyman Center